Welcome to the Language Brigade Wiki

The Wikia Language Brigade is a voluntary user project that works wikifarm-wide to help out with translations and improvement of the languages articles are written in. This wiki will be multilingual, and hopefully every page will be available in as many languages as possible. The wiki interface itself can be set to your language by going to Special:Preferences.

Important: WLB templates

The WLB templates that are linked or shown here on this wiki, are all from Community Central. They may therefore be slightly outdated, but are still visible on this wiki within the content pages. The same is the case for templates that you may put in your profile anywhere on Wikia: if you edit them on Community Central, it will take a while for the change to be visible on other wikis. It however may help to remove them and put them there again - editing the page without changing anything, so-to-speak.

NOTE: even though the templates are shown here on WLB Wiki, it does not mean they should be edited here. Also, the main WLB template should not be transcluded or added on this wiki at all. If you want to add your own name, you will have to go to the original template and add yourself there. This is to keep everything the same on entire wikia, so that we don't have to update two templates per user joining.