This is the page to request translations to and from any language that we have available. Before you add your request, please read the rules on Project:Request policy and fill out all provided areas.

Please make use of the preloaded Template:Translation, which looks like {{Translation|<from>|<to>}} and should be directly below your header. Replace <from> by the language code (EN, FR, JA, ...) of your source language, and <to> by the language code of your goal language.

Please move the </div> tag when inserting a new comment, so the comment goes in the right request.


To our translators: you can also find a category Translation from English on Wikianswers, with words or expressions that need to be translated. Any of these questions will only take about a minute to be answered.

Ovo je stranica da trazite da se prevedu stranice koje ste napravili. Prije nego sto dodas da se nesto prevede procitajte pravila Project:Request policy, I ispunite sva mjesta koja se traze ispod.

Molim vas da koristite Template:Translation,koje izgleda ovako, {{Translation|<from>|<to>}} i treba da bude direktno ispod naslova. Zamjeni <from> za jezik code (EN, FR, JA, ...).

Aquesta és la pàgina per demanar traduccions per i des de qualsevol idioma que tenim disponible. Abans d'afegir la teva petició, si us plau llegeix les normes del Language Brigade Wiki:Request policy.

Si us plau, fés servir la Template:Translation.

Dies ist die Seite um Übersetzungen von und in jedmögliche Sprache anzufragen. Bitte lesen Sie die Regeln auf Project:Request policy bevor Sie Ihre Anfrage hinzufügen. Füllen Sie zudem bitte auch alle angegeben Felder aus.

Machen Sie Gebrauch von der vorgeladenen Template:Translation, welche ungefähr so {{Translation|<aus>|<in>}} aussieht und direkt unter Ihrem Header sein sollte. Ersetzen Sie <aus> mit dem jeweiligen Sprachcode (EN, FR, JA, ...) Ihrer Quellsprache und <in> mit dem Sprachcode Ihrer Zielsprache.

Esta es la página de solicitar traducciones desde y hacia cualquier idioma que tenemos disponible. Antes de añadir su solicitud, por favor lee las reglas en Project:Request policy y llena todas las áreas previstas.

Por favor, haga uso de la Template:Translation, que se parece a {{Translation|<desde>|<al>}} y debe estar directamente debajo de su cabecera. Reemplace <desde> por el código de idioma (EN, FR, JA, ...) de su lengua de origen, y <al> por el código de idioma de la lengua meta .

Ceci est la page pour demander une traduction de et à n'importe quelle langue nous avons sure ce wiki. S'il vous plaît, lisez nos règles sur Project:Request policy.

Pour créer la demande, utilisez Template:Translation, le modèle pré-chargé en dessous de votre header: {{Translation|<de>|<à>}}. Remplacez <de> par le code de votre langue de source (EN, FR, JA, ...) et <à> par le code de votre langue de but.

S'il vous plait bouger le tag </div> quand que vous insérez un commentaire, pour que le commentaire vas dans la bonne demande.


À nos traducteurs: vous pouvez aussi trouver une catégorie Anglais à français en Wikianswers (Wikiréponses anglais), avec des mots ou expressions anglaises qui doivent être traduits en français. Tous de ces questions ne prendront que quelques minutes.

Questa è la pagina per richiedere traduzioni a e da ogni lingua a noi disponibile. Prima di richiedere una traduzione, leggi le regole su Project:Request policy e riempi le aree fornite.

Usa il Template:Translation, che dovrebbe apparire come {{Translation|<from>|<to>}} e dovrebbe essere subito sotto la tua testata. Rimpiazza <from> con il codice della lingua di partenza (EN, FR, JA, ...), e <to> con il codice della lingua di arrivo.

このページは、ある Wiki で私たちが利用可能な言語から他の言語への翻訳、あるいは他の言語から私たちが利用可能な言語への翻訳をリクエストするためにあります。

リクエストする前に、Project:Request policy に記載されているルールを読んで、予め用意されているエリアを埋めてください。

予めプリロードされた Template:Translation を使用してください。自動生成されたヘッダの下で自動生成された Template:Translation コードを {{Translation|<from>|<to>}} のように記入してください。 <from>を元の翻訳対象の言語コード(EN, FR, JA など...)に置換し、<to>を目的とする翻訳先言語の言語コードに置換してください。

Ini adalah laman untuk meminta kerja-kerja penterjemahan daripada serta kepada mana-mana bahasa yang disokong pada masa ini. Sebelum anda menaip pintaan anda, sila baca peraturan-peraturan kami di laman projek Polisi Permintaan dan isikan semua ruang yang disediakan.

Sila gunakan templat Penterjemahan yang disediakan di bawah, yang sepatutnya memaparkan kod {{Translation|<daripada>|<kepada>}} dan sepatutnya berada di bahagian atas sekali dalam teks yang disediakan. Gantikan <daripada> dengan kod bahasa (EN, FR, JA, ...) artikel yang ingin diterjemah, dan <kepada> dengan kod bahasa akhir yang ingin anda peroleh.


Dit is de pagina om vertalingen van en naar om het even welke beschikbare taal aan te vragen. Lees de regels op Project:Request policy voordat u een aanvraag toevoegt, en vul alle gegeven velden in.

Maak gebruik van het vooraf ingeladen Template:Translation, dat er als {{Translation|<van>|<naar>}} uitziet en zich vlak onder uw titel bevindt. Vervang <van> door de taalcode (DE, NL, RU, ...) van uw brontaal, en <naar> dor de taalcode van uw doeltaal.

Ta strona służy do składania zamówień na tłumaczenia do i z języków, które mamy w ofercie. Przed dodaniem swojego zamówienia, przeczytaj zasady znajdujące się na Project:Request policy i wypełnij wszystkie pola.

Skorzystaj z automatycznie załadowanego Template:Translation, który wygląda tak {{Translation|<z>|<do>}} i powinien znajdować się poniżej nagłówka. Zastąp <z> kodem języka (EN, FR, JA, ...) źródłowego tekstu. Tak samo z polem <do>.



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Translation from ChokoEdit this Mime!!

50px  →  50px


Items: Onegaishimasu ~!

Extra information: <insert extra information (optional)>

~ Choko x

(name) Laura Bianci
(voice actor) Inoue Kikuko
(paragraph) She is a Meister Otome who works for Queen Lutecia Remus, and she carries the common/popular name of "Brilliant Enstatite" (絢爛の頑火輝石). Commanding the allied troops of Nagi Altai, she supported the crown.
15px Done - keep an eye on this request, for any corrections may still be added by other WLB members.
Yatalu (talk) & Albugineous (talk) 17:41, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

EN → FR, EN → CAEdit this Mime!!

50px  →  50px

Wiki: w:c:Hvetshran

Item: w:c:hvetshran:hvetshranw:c:fr.hvetshran:hvetshran

50px  →  50px

Wiki: w:c:Hvetshran

Item: w:c:hvetshran:hvetshranw:c:ca.hvetshran:hvetshran

Extra information:

  • Feel free to leave out the {{Main|blabla}} since it would create too many redlinks.
  • No time limit, so if you only want to do part of it, you can leave the rest to another translator.
  • Minimum proficiency: higher than 2 (if possible).

Thanks in advance (:

Yatalu, ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ 2013年08月03日、10:26:40
File:WIP.gif In Progress - EN → FR User:Jr Mime/Signature 19:52, August 9, 2013 (UTC)
15px Done EN → FR User:Jr Mime/Signature 15:08, August 25, 2013 (UTC)
15px Done EN → CA by me and GosBoig :3 PieceEnrik  talk  co 19:50, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Translation from YuzuraEdit this Mime!!

50px  →  50px

Wiki: Global (Community Central)

Items: w:Template:User:Yuzura (→ w:Template:User:Yuzura/Es)

Extra information: I want to translate my global profile from English to Spanish. Don't bother copying any code. Please just import the translated text. Thanks! Best regards --Yuzura☆炎のマスタ 00:14, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

15px Done Hope you are satisfied with the result and I can translate it in Catalan also if you want :) PieceEnrik  talk  co 16:03, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

EN → PT-BR, EN → TL Edit this Mime!!

50px  →  50px
50px  →  50px

Wiki: Wikianswers, WikiRespostas (PT) and WikiSagot (TL)


Extra information: The English coding (except the text) will maybe be able to show. User:Jr Mime/Signature 20:06, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

File:WIP.gif In Progress I've done EN->TL, just put the remaining codes on it. Hope you are satisfied :) --Guppie the Third wallcontribs 10:07, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for translating! What is update in TL? Also, you've missed a line:

Hit [[Special:Randomincategory/Un-answered questions|random question]] and help us by answering questions!

Thanks again, User:Jr Mime/Signature 13:14, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

File:WIP.gif In Progress Hi. I'm looking forward to translate that to PT-BR, but I can't find the "edit" button in the page. I really want to help! I've translated and saved the content in a .txt . I'll keep trying, anyways. User:Shinkenuu

Hello. At the end of the URL (the link), add ?action=edit. That will edit the page. Thanks, User:Jr Mime/Signature 22:20, August 26, 2013 (UTC)
Thank you! User:Shinkenuu
15px Done - Shinkenuu has translated EN → PT-BR and sent me via chat. I'll need to contact staff for some wiki coding stuff, since PAGESINCAT does not work. Thanks Shinkenuu! User:Jr Mime/Signature 23:51, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

JA → EN Edit this Mime!!

50px  →  50px


Items: A picture from the Japanese Spectrobes official webpage.

Extra information: Source:

Some names written in katakana are as follows:

  • クロール - Krawl
  • クラックス - Krux
  • ラーレン - Rallen

Brandon Pow (talk) 11:06, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

First sectionEdit this Mime!!

Atrocious invasive life form

Atrocious invasive life form that suddenly appeared in a harmonious universe.
It destroys everything and ruins the entire galaxy.
Mankind's weapons are also entirely useless for (to? -- not sure) them.

Second sectionEdit this Mime!!

Emperor (こうてい could be many things, but "emperor" seems most logical) of evil

Creature with a force that must be feared and that controls all of the Krawls.
What's below the disguise is engulfed in mystery.
Arch enemy of the Rallen.

15px Done, checks by others are always welcomed. -- YATTA, ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ | 2013年08月25日、09:46:45